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Minoxidil For Men

What Is Minoxidil 5 For Men? 

If you're a male and losing your hair because of heredity or male pattern baldness then minoxidil for men would most likely be your go to product to try first.  Mens minoxidil was the first FDA approved product to treat hair loss and it is the most popular treatment. Its an over the counter product, affordable, and easy to use, and easy to buy. Most new customers havent even heard of minoxidil but know it a Rogaine because of all the advertisements. Their unaware of the different types of mens minoxidil solutions, brands, and strengths that are on the market and that Solutions4.org has to offer.  We currently offer minoxidil for men in 5% strength, in topical solutions or as a minoxidil foam, generic minoxidil to the leading brand, and minoxidil solutions with various other hair loss ingredients and DHT blockers to stop hair loss.

Does Minoxidil Work? What About Minoxidil Results And Reviews

An obvious common question people have before using it is, "Does Minoxidil Work?"  Numerous studies show that minoxidil indeed does work for most users if the product is used as directed.  Rogaine claims that 9 out of 10 male users regrew hair after 4 months of using minoxidil for men as directed.There are numerous clinical studies reported with positive minoxidil results by users.  You can read through thousands of minoxidil reviews that are posted online.  The reviews are mostly positive as well as the product is as effective as the studies state.  There are some negative reviews of course as there is no single hair loss product that works for everyone. However, overall the reviews and tests do state that minoxidil does work and millions of people can live their life confident about their looks and without the fear of going bald.  

What Are Minoxidil Side Effects

Another concern is the side effects of minoxidil.  Of course new users want to know if there are any potential minoxidil side effects before they put the product on their scalp. There is a small chance of possible minoxidil side effects, however, the most common is an itchy or irritated scalp.  But if you do experience any itchiness or irritation it will go away once you stop using the product.  Another option is to switch to a different minoxidil solution as you may be allergic to a specific ingredient such as propylene glycol (PG).  For example, some users are allergic to a solution that contains PG so they switch to a no PG solution such as Rogaine Foam and the irritation goes away and they are able to enjoy the hair growth minoxidil for men has to offer.

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