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Kirkland Minoxidil 5 - Topical Solution & Foam

The cure for hair loss has been on par with the cure for the common cold; highly sought after yet extremely elusive. Still, many hair regrowth products have made significant strides in the quest to restore lost hair, however, some issues persist. Some of those issues include:

  • Cost
  • Availability
  • Form 
  • Side effects
  • Effectiveness

How much does it cost?

This is a major consideration. Many of the non-prescription hair growth remedies come with a hefty price tag. But Kirkland minoxidil, is a generic and therefore an affordable brand. It is manufactured in high volumes and does not advertise its product to keep pricing affordable. Its advertising methods are creating an effective product that works and having it spread by word of mouth. The going rate for a 6 month supply of Kirkland minoxidil is less than $27. This is a tremendous savings, considering that other name brands are anywhere from $10 - $50.00 and more just for a 1 month supply.

Where is it sold?

Since Kirkland is a generic brand it is not as available as the leading brand called Rogaine. The hair growth treatment is available with us, Solutions4hairloss.com, a leading online retailer.

What form does it come in?

Kirkland minoxidil comes in two forms. The original version was a topical solution that was applied with a dropper. Later a Kirkland Foam version came onto the market. In our opinion they are both easy to use. Some customers like the topical solution because it is easier to apply onto different areas of the scalp and spread it around. However, some do not like dealing with a dropper and sometimes by using a dropper, the solution may run off onto your face. Others like the foam as looks similar to a hair mouse and you can apply it directly onto the scalp and rub it in. It really is a matter of personal preference and in some cases what form does not irritate your scalp.

What are the side effects?

This is another issue that has accompanied hair growth treatments in the past. Many users were growing too much body hair. Others noticed their hair changed in texture and appearance; often looking and feeling greasy. Some users of hair growth remedies have reported excessive itchiness, pain and irritation on their scalps. Kirkland Minoxidil Foam has made significant strides in remedying these side effects. Many users report that this hair growth product is much less trouble to deal with and any typical side effects disappear when use of the product is stopped.

Does Kirkland Minoxidil Work?

Many users swear that it is equal to other brands that cost twice as much. Others feel that you get what you pay for. One thing most users can agree upon is that effectiveness results from consistent, long-term usage. Unfortunately, despite the great strides made in advancing the study of hair grown treatment, very few products can promise permanent, or even long-term results without a steady commitment to its usage. But we must mention the active ingredient with Kirkland minoxidil is the same as the leading brand and clinical studies show that it does work for most of the people who use it as directed.

So what's the bottom line? The final summation is that Kirkland Minoxidil 5 is one of many hair growth treatments that must be used at least for argument's sake. Each person responds differently, and everyone must find what works best for them. No two cases of hair loss are exactly the same; it would stand to reason, then, that no single hair loss product would work on every case. It is simply a trial-and-error approach that is best in finding just the right remedy for hair loss.

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